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Promotional products are a great way to get your brand’s name out to the public.

However, if you don’t put thought into who your target audience is, the promotional products you hand out might not be as effective.

There’s probably no sense in giving a construction worker a desk organizer, just like there’s no point in giving a middle school track team a bottle opener.

What are they going to do with that?

That’s why it’s important to think about who you’re trying to reach and how you want to reach them, so all of your marketing efforts won’t go to waste.



If you look around a college campus, you’ll see promotional products everywhere.

Fraternities and sororities, clubs, and teams all use promotional merchandise to get their name out there to other college students.

College kids and twenty-somethings can be reached by using things they will often use.

Some examples of promotional products for college-aged kids are: drink koozies, lanyards, frisbees, sunglasses, water bottles and t-shirts.




Promotional merchandise that may be helpful to families are: magnets, blank calendars, notepads and planners.

People with children will need to keep their children’s activities organized, which is something a blank calendar, notepad and planner can help with.

Magnets are also helpful for hanging good grades and artwork on the fridge!




Businesses will benefit from products that can be used around the office on a daily basis.

Things like Post-it notes, desk organizers, and calendars are some good options.




With events and races, you obviously want to give out things that are useful to the runners or participants, like:

stopwatches, pedometers, hot/cold packs, headbands, cooling towels, and banners.




For general audiences, it’s helpful to think of things you might use in your daily activities.

Typical items to give general audiences are: hats, pens, t-shirts, drawstring bags, mugs and lanyards.

Things like pens get handed out in most kinds of office environments and businesses, so they’re one of the most popular promotional products.

If you want people wearing your promotional products, like hats and t-shirts, you want them to look attractive.

Free clothes are great, but if your design or logo doesn’t look great, people will be less likely to wear your items outside of their home.






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