15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Logo

Man holding onto a pair of Nike shoes, in a corn field.

Why Does Your Business Need a Logo?


1. Your logo creates a first impression.


2. The largest brands all have logos.


3. Your logo can go everywhere – on marketing materials, packaging, products, social media and your website.


4. Having a logo gives the appearance of an established and reputable business.


5. A logo will attract new clients.


6. A good logo should explain what your company does.


7. A logo can elicit an emotion in your customers.


8. A logo will help keep your social media channels looking professional.


9. Having a (good) logo will set you apart from your competition.


10. A logo makes your brand easily recognizable.


11. Having a brand requires having a logo.


12. Customers have more respect for a company with a logo.


13. A logo helps explain your brand’s identity.


14. A logo tells customers that your company is planning on sticking around.


15. It creates a lasting impression.



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