Get A Grip With PopSockets

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Watch out Fidget Spinners, there’s a hot new trend in town: PopSockets.


You’ve probably seen them by now – they’re knob-like devices that stick to the back of your phone. PopSockets are circular and have an accordion device that allows them to expand, so you can easily grip your phone. They can easily be removed and re-stuck multiple times without losing their stick.


Have you ever been laying in bed, holding your phone above you, and then BOOM – you dropped your phone on your face? Yeah, us too. Or have you ever tried taking a selfie while holding your phone out…but your finger couldn’t reach the button to take the picture? We’ve all faced this struggle at one point in our lives.


But have no fear…PopSockets can solve this!  Their mission is to “make Little Life Changers,” and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

PopSockets can be used for:

  • A texting or photo grip
  • A stand for your phone or tablet
  • Taking selfies with ease
  • Wrapping your headphones


Attaching them to your phone is easy!

  • Wipe the back of your phone clean and make sure it is dry.
  • Peel off the sticker on the back of the phone stand.
  • Position the phone holder down towards the bottom of the phone or towards the top, underneath camera, and press down for at least 15 seconds.
  • To use, pull the phone stand outward so it extends out all the way.


PopSockets also recently came out with a vent car mount, so you can slip your PopSocket onto the mount and turn on your GPS.


One of the best parts about PopSockets is that they can be customized! We offer our customers customizable options. Send us your design and we can easily put your art on a PopSocket! Promote your upcoming event or advertise your business with your logo.


If you’d like a sample, contact us!

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