Designing a T-Shirt on a Budget

Designing a T-Shirt on a Budget, featuring a superheroes t-shirt.

Designing a t-shirt that people will want to wear can be a daunting task, let alone a t-shirt that won’t break the bank.

So, how can you design a t-shirt that’s aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to your bank account?

Here are a few things to consider when you’re creating the perfect and budget-friendly t-shirt.



How many colors is your logo made of?

The amount of colors will determine the price of the printing.

A one color logo will cost you a lot less than a five color logo.



Where do you want your design to be placed on your shirt?

Do you want your design to be on the front and back of your shirt?

If you want your shirts to have a front and back print, that will cost more than having a print on one side.

This is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to save money.



Fabric and t-shirt styles can have a significant impact on pricing.

For example, a heather jersey t-shirt might cost you more than a plain jersey t-shirt.

Shirts with more detailing and special cuts will also cost you more than a plain cotton Gildan t-shirt.



Some t-shirts cost more than others strictly because of the sizes.

Larger sizes typically cost more, while smaller sizes and youth sizes typically cost less.



The number of t-shirts you’d like to purchase is a crucial part of figuring out your overall cost.

Most places have a minimum t-shirt order amount.

A lot of shops will also cut you a deal if you order a large number of t-shirts.

Different shops will have different prices and policies regarding order sizes, which leads us to our next point…



Compare, compare, compare!

When you’re looking for t-shirt fabrics, comparing t-shirt prices is essential.

How much does it cost per t-shirt?

Is there a minimum amount you need to purchase?

Are certain color t-shirts more expensive than others?



Vector artwork is able to be resized and edited without compromising quality.

If you don’t know much (or anything) about vector artwork, read this easy explanation.

If you know how to create vector artwork, congratulations! That will save you more money.

Converting your artwork into vector artwork comes at a price.

Creating your own design or logo will save you money as well, because you won’t have to hire someone to design your artwork for you.



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