Pop-Sockets Are Not Your Only Option!

Did you know there are options other than Pop-Sockets for holding your phone and/or tablet? There are so many choices, and they can all be customized! We can order standard Pop-Sockets, Sling-Grips, Spyder-Webs, Finger Grip Sticks, Finger Ring Stands, or Disc Pop-Sockets that you can put your finger through! Whatever style you like best, let it advertise for you!




Standard Pop-Socket

A Pop Socket is an accessory that sticks to the back of some sort of electronic device, most commonly a cell phone or tablet. It looks like a small button or sticker. When the Pop Socket is collapsed, it sticks flat to the phone. However, its accordion-like design enables it to expand for use.






The SlingGrip is a universal patented elastic smartphone handle that attaches to any phone or case with a high grade 3 M peel/stick removable, no residue, adhesive. The 2-Time winner of best new product (ASI Show), SlingGrip offers excellent branding that is displayed prominently on the most widely used device in the world – the cell phone! FULL COLOR dye sublimation printing on the elastic band with your choice of colorful base mounts.





Spyder Web

The all new SpyderWeb allows you to easily hold your mobile devices with one hand, allowing your other hand to swipe, scroll or text without the fear of dropping it. The unique design of the SpyderWeb grasps all four corners, of virtually any phone or tablet on the market today, without compromising the use of the camera, flash or microphone. The center area allows for a one-color imprint that is sure to grab some attention as you are using your cellphone.





Finger Grip Stick

The Finger Grip Stick is a phone grip, phone stand and car vent mount all in one. It securely attaches to the back of a mobile device for a comfortable grip to prevent accidental drops, and is compatible with Qi wireless chargers for easy charging. The adhesive is single use and can fit most phone and case surfaces.





Finger Ring Stand

The Finger Ring stand sticks to the back of any cell phone and features a metal ring which swivels out to function as a trendy finger grip that prevents dropping. It also doubles as a convenient stand that props up the device for easy video watching.






The Disc Pop-Socket

The Disc Pop-Socket has a unique opening function that allows you to put your finger through the middle of the Pop-Socket for ultimate comfort. If you love the look of the standard Pop-Socket, but hate having to spread your fingers to use it, this is perfect for you!






To order any of these items, or for other promotional product ideas, contact us!

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