6 Branded Travel Promotional Products

travel promotional products

With the holidays and the new year right around the corner, many of us will be traveling to spend time with our loved ones. This time is a great opportunity to promote your business with these travel promotional products!

Kapston Piece 19′ Luggage Bag

luggage promotional product

Whether you’re flying or driving to your destination, this carry on style luggage bag is great for any getaway. With your logo imprinted right on the front, it is the perfect promotional product for any business or industry. With rollers for easy travel, straps to carry, collapsable, and top and bottom handles, it makes for a stress free bag to pack all your belongings.


Logo Show Power Bank

branded power banks

Power banks are critical when it comes to traveling. Many of us know the feeling of being in the airport waiting for a layover and our phone is almost dead. Instead of fighting for the charging station, power banks will charge your device wherever you go. This no show power bank is especially unique because when your device is charging, the logo lights up! This is a great promotional product to attract attention and promote your business in a unique way.

Toiletry Bag

Promote your business and store all your items in this toiletry bag that will be traveled with over and over again. With compartments to hold everything you need, this travel promotional product can store and go.


Neck & Back Pillow

This neck and back pillow is sure to be loved by those traveling long distances or with aches and pains. With a soft polyester shell, loop closure and handle bag this bag is the perfect comfort companion.

Passport Wallet

This passport wallet is sure to be loved as it stores all of our most valuables in one spot. With slots for up to 5 cards, 3 files and your passport ready at hand you are good to go for any planned or spontaneous adventure.


Charging Cables & Earbuds Clip Pouch

Clip this pouch to your luggage or carry on and you’re set to go! Featuring a set of headphones and a 3 in 1 charging cord, you will never be with a dead device again. The headphones and cable each pack within the pouch for easy accessibility and travel.


With these branded travel promotional products, all eyes will be on your business this holiday season. To receive 10% off any of the products above, contact us and mention this post!

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