6 Ways to Maximize The Effect of Promotional Products

When ordering promotional products, hoping for the best ROI (return on investment) is what many of us are thinking about. Instead of hoping, we should be strategizing. All promotional products have their niches and finding the best one for your campaign, goal or event is possible.


Ordering a promotional product without a plan is like driving without a destination. Without a clear plan for the purpose of your product, getting the bang for your buck with a promotional product will be much harder. If you have an upcoming campaign or event, begin to determine what types of products will be of meaning, use or function to your target audience.


What is your goal when determining to buy a promotional product? What are you looking to get in return? Are you looking to increase traffic to your website? Increase sales? Increase walk-ins? Promote a rebranding? Whatever your goal is, solidify it and attach a purpose to each promotional product.


Once you have determined your goal, it must be measurable in some way. Do not skip this step or determining the success of a product will be difficult. By measuring the results of your goal and how a promotional product helped you achieve that goal you will better able to determine your ROI. Also, measuring your goal will help you determine if your promotional product worked and whether you should continue to order or try something new.


One of the best decisions you can make for a promotional product is choosing one that is reusable. 77% of consumers say a promotional product’s usefulness is the number-one reason to keep it. A product a consumer can use every single day is the best promotional product you can buy. Getting your logo in front of the eyes of potential or current clients is the ultimate goal instead of your product ending up in the trash.


It may seem like common sense, but choosing a promotional product that is relevant to your goal and industry is crucial. Be aware of your target customers lifestyle and preferences – cater to that. Buy a promotional product that your current and potential customers would want AND use!


Often, when promoting our company we want potential customers to know a lot of information about us.  Essentially who we are, what we can do for them and why they should go with our company over our competition. When we’re being realistic, we just can’t cram that much information onto a promotional product. What we don’t realize though is that by having a promotional product at all we have a leg up – we have our name in their hands! Going forward, stick to the basics such as your company name and website. In today’s world, the majority of people will look over your website before calling you anyways.


Here at MarkIt Merchandise we are always happy and willing to find the right promotional product for your needs.

Contact us to get started, we would love to help and find the right product for your and your budget.

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