ArtPrize 10 – What You Need To Know

artprize 10

ArtPrize 10 is right around the corner for the city of Grand Rapids. Are you planning a trip for the event before it returns in 2020? This article will tell you what ArtPrize is, what you need to know for the future of the event and how to make it a memorable experience.

What is ArtPrize?

ArtPrize is a city wide art competition that takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan every other year. This 19 day long competition includes all art mediums and is open to entry for anyone in the world. This is a prize awarded competition, awarding more than $500,000 in prize money each year. ArtPrize has become the world’s largest art competition. The awards are equally determined by two categories, a public vote and jurors vote. The art exhibits take place in all areas of the city including but not limited to museums, hotels, breweries, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, shops, and parks. This upcoming year, or ArtPrize 10, is the 10th year this event has taken place in the city.

What is the future of ArtPrize?

This past year ArtPrize announced that the previous yearly event would become a bi-yearly event starting in 2020. In place of the event every other year there will be “projects”, starting with Project 1 following ArtPrize 10. ArtPrize explained Project 1 as, “a single artist or small group of artists will present a dynamic city public art project (…) and will include education and cultural programming that is free and open to the public.” Project 1 will be taking place from September – October of 2019. Click here to read more about Project 1.


One of the best aspects of ArtPrize is the interaction and voice the people of Grand Rapids are given during the event. As mentioned, half of the awarded prize money is determined by public vote. “Artwork is created for you to respond to, and at ArtPrize, your response counts.” (ArtPrize).  During the event, to vote you need to download the ArtPrize app or vote online. You enter the artists vote code and click the “thumbs up” icon or the “Vote for this entry” button. The app is also great to search for venues, artists or specific entries.

ArtPrize 10 Merchandise

Here at MarkIt Merchandise we print and embroider all of the ArtPrize apparel and accessories. ArtPrize will be hosting a Pop-Up Shop during the whole duration of the event where you can you purchase the apparel. The shop will be held at 111 Lyon St NW at the Fifth Third Center. The store will be open Monday through Sunday, M-Sat 12-7 and Sunday 12-6. You can always purchase ArtPrize 10 apparel online at the ArtPrize Online Store.


More Information

To get more information regarding the event and the exhibits taking place at ArtPrize 10 click here or visit the ArtPrize website. Feel free to contact us as well with any question regarding the ArtPrize Pop-Up shop.

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