Ink Additives – What are they and what do they do?

Ink Additives

Ink Additives


Nylobond is an ink additive used on water resistant garments as well as nylon. Nylobond helps add adhesiveness to the fabric by reducing the ink viscosity. Nylobond is restricted to one color prints on light garments.


Designs printed with Unistretch enchance elongation of the garment and reduce cracking when the garment is stretched. Unistretch can be added to ink mixture or printed over flashed colors. This ink additive works especially well when printed on very stretchy fabrics such as spandex and lycra.


Plasticharge is an ink additive used when discharge printing. Discharge printing is a process that uses the same techniques and equipment, but rather than normal ink, discharge ink is used by replacing the shirts dye with the selected discharge ink color. Discharge printing is only used on 100% cotton garments.

Dyno Blocker

Dyno Blocker is a special ink used to block dye migrating during the curing process. It is often used when printing on camouflage and other surface dyed garments prone to dye migration. Of these garments, they often include colored polyester fabrics.


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