How to Save Money On Your Next T-Shirt Design

screen print cost

Designing a t-shirt to be printed can go from inexpensive to a pretty penny very quickly. Depending on your design, many factors may add up that will significantly increase the price. Here is how you can cut down on costs when designing your next t-shirt.

Choose Your Shirt Wisely

When there are so many options, deciding on a style of t-shirt may be overwhelming. There are different blends, brands, and styles to narrow down to just one choice. Brands that we highly suggest due to their price and quality are Bella + Canvas, Next Level and Gildan, although we offer many other options.



Minimal Design Colors

In order to keep your price down, stick to a one or two color design. The more colors in your design, the greater the price becomes. This is because each color in your design is equivalent to one screen in which one color of ink is pushed through. One or two color designs limit the screens, which then decrease the cost.


promotional circle theatre white logo, featured on MarkIt Merchandise's blog



Multiple locations on a garment will lead to higher price per piece. Similar to multiple colors in a design, each location is equal to a screen. This meaning that is doesn’t matter the colors, but how many locations will be printed on the t-shirt that also effects the cost.


Back of Circle Theatre hoodies


Vectored Artwork

In order to take your artwork from digital form to printed on a shirt the original file must be vectored. Vector artwork is digital artwork composed of mathematical lines and curves and is typically made in Illustrator or a similar program. This means that you can expand the artwork without it losing it’s quality. If your artwork is not vectored, our artists can vector your artwork although an art fee may apply. To read more about vector artwork, read our blog post Vector Artwork.


Vector artwork infographic


Price Breaks

Taking advantage of price breaks is a great way to decrease the cost of your garments. If you don’t need a set amount of shirts, increasing to the next price break may be a great tactic to decrease your cost. Afterall, t-shirts are your best marketing tool, it’s better to have more than less. (You can always give them way!)


Written by, Ashley Wright.


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