T-Shirts: The Simple Yet Most Effective Marketing Strategy

t-shirt marketing

These days, companies can turn practically anything into a promotional product. No matter the industry, there is a relevant promotional product to promote your business or event. How do you know what product will be most effective? Or the best product for your marketing strategy? The answer is simple and will probably surprise you – the t-shirt. But, why?


T-shirts are walking billboards for your company

Most often, promotional products have a specific use. Pens are used at your desk, home or in your purse. Tote bags are used for grocery shopping or maybe an overnight bag. Popsockets are only primarily seen by you and advertise on such a small space. T-shirts are the exact opposite – they provide the largest marketing space for the cheapest cost. T-shirts are essentially mini walking billboards for your brand that reach far more people than any other promotional products can. 

  • They spark conversation – “What is (your brand)? What do they do? What’s your connection?”. T-shirts spark this conversation by giving the opportunity to fanatics and employees to explain what the brand or company does and spread awareness. 
  • T-shirts improve brand recognition – The more t-shirts people are wearing the greater your exposure is. In essence, the more walking billboards you have. 

Long term advertisement

Have you ever watched a commercial on Hulu, Youtube or tv and was genuinely intrigued? Although forgot about it 10 minutes later? 

We are bombarded with messages and advertisements every single day. It’s said that we are exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day. There’s no way we can remember every single one, let alone pretty impressive if we even remember one. T-shirts offer something different that typical forms of advertisements do not – lasting message exposure.

Our typical advertisements such as a tv commercial, radio ad or advertisement on social media have a certain time frame for their message exposure. This is often 10 seconds, 2 minutes, so on. But, this is not the same for promotional products, especially for t-shirts. T-shirts that are worn over and over again have continuous message exposure. This allows them to outlast any other forms of advertisement, or even a campaign. They may in fact be your best investment for your return depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

Quality and design matters

An investment in t-shirt marketing is nothing without good design. A captivating design that catches the eye will be far more effective than a bland, uninteresting shirt. Therefore, the goal for your shirt is to create something people WANT to wear and will wear.


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Written by, Ashley Wright.



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