New Promotional Products and Trends for 2019

new promotional products

2019 is almost here and many of us may be wondering what the up and coming trends are in promotional products for the new year. We broke it down into 4 categories of new and trend worthy promotional products that we are sure to make your brand stand out in 2019.

Technology Is King


Technology promotional products have proven that they are here to stay and each year their popularity continues to grow. In 2018, pop sockets, card wallets, and power banks were seen everywhere with company’s logos being taken with them. If you’re looking for the next new technology promotional product, you don’t want to miss these.




BlueTooth Smart Tracker

This wireless bluetooth tracker prevents you from losing your keys, purse, luggage or whatever you attach it to. All that’s needed is to download the app the device is connected to in order to track and never lose your valuables again.


Chargeable Selfie Ring Light

Let’s be real, you’ve taken a selfie and you look great but the lighting is terrible. This chargeable selfie ring light attaches to your phone and guarantees great lighting for any selfie. The ring clips to the top of your phone with an easy on/off button and since the light is rechargeable, no batteries needed!


Mini Wifi Smart Socket

This smart wifi mini socket plugs into any outlet and lets you control your devices no matter where you are, all from your phone. This handy device also allows you to set a timer for your devices, so you never have to worry about safety or being overcharged again. This device also conveniently works with Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo.


Wireless Waterproof BlueTooth Selfie Remote

Taking a group photo just became way easier. This bluetooth selfie remote makes taking a picture on your phone as easy as a click without having to install any software. This remote works with IOS and Android devices.


Products To Stay Active


The health and fitness trend isn’t going anywhere. With the rise of fitness gurus and developing science, many people are thinking more about ways to improve their health. This makes a great niche for promotional products while supporting staying active and healthy.


Beautiful Water Bottles – Hydra Flask

Beautiful water bottles are here to stay in the fitness and health industry. Say goodbye to plastic dingy bottles and hello to beautiful stainless steel.


Fitness Bands

Fitness bands are incredibly popular in the health and fitness world in 2018 and leading into the new year. If you’re looking to promote your company on a fitness product, this is a great option that will be used often. This set can be used at home or taken to the gym, yoga, crossfit or the beach.


Yoga Mats With Carry Straps

Anything yoga related is in for 2019 and we don’t see it going anywhere soon! More and more people are becoming aware of mindful practices and want to benefit not just their body, but mind. A great yoga product is that is both useful and necessary is a yoga mat with an easy carry strap.


Eco-Friendly Products


In 2019, eco-friendly products are at the forefront of many people’s minds. In order to be more environmentally conscious, many consumers are reevaluating their consuming and purchasing habits. Here are a few great promotional products for the eco-friendly consumer.



Recycled Tote Bag

Tote bags are here to stay, but what will be even more popular this year are recycled tote bags. This tote bag is made of 100% recyclable materials to promote reducing, reusing and ultimately recycling.


Biodegradable Click Action Pen

In today’s world, more manufacturers are finding ways to make products biodegradable. This click action pen is made from corn starch plastic and available in multiple colors. You’ll never be able to tell the difference.


Seed Postcard

This seed postcard is as promotional as it is green. With a full color process, this seed paper is made from 100% recyclable materials and embedded with multiple kinds of seeds. You can encourage customers to plant the card or compost it to be a little more earth friendly.


Wheat Straw Coffee Cup

This modern mug is the perfect promotional product for the eco-friendly and style lover. Made from durable wheat/straw plastic and biodegradable, eco friendly and made from non-toxic substances. It’s love at first sight.


Pops of Color


Pops of color are in for 2019 because they draw attention but make modern, clean impressions. Here are a few of our favorite new promotional products that have pops of color to make your brand easily stand out.



Camelbak 40 oz Mag Vacuum Bottle

This stainless steel Camelbak holds 40 oz of hot or cold liquid. With a pop of color, this water bottle is great way to make a logo really stand out. With Living Coral being the Pantone Color of the Year, this coral color makes the perfect promotional color for 2019.


Bright Metal Neutral Pen

Pastels? Yes, please! These bright pastel pens are sure to catch eyes and be kept around with your logo. With your choice of pink, blue, or purple, pens with a pop of color will grab and hold attention.


Bright Spot Luggage Tag

This luggage tag with a bright pop of color will let you spot your luggage easily on the carousel to help save time. Luggage tags make a perfect promotional product for the travel industry and busy professionals.


Two Tone Mug

Two tone mugs are a great way to have a subtle pop of color that stays on brand but grabs attention. Made from sturdy ceramic, these mugs will make a lasting impression.


To learn more about any of the products listed above, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you find the perfect new promotional product to start 2019 off right.


Written by, Ashley Wright.

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