Specialty Embroidery Threads

With over 16 years’ experience in the industry, MarkIt has embroidered thousands of garments. The majority of these garments are sewn with standard rayon thread, which is 1 of the 2 most common threads in the industry. The other thread used in the industry is polyester. Here at MarkIt we prefer to use rayon rather than polyester due to the smooth and clean effect it gives the design on the garment. While there are hundreds of colors of rayon and polyester threads, there are also specialty threads that can also be used for function or to add flair.


Glow In The Dark – Glow in the dark thread is a fun way to add a unique effect to an embroidered design. Glow in the thread works by absorbing light energy and releasing the energy by “glowing” in dark lighting. This thread typically appears white or pale in ordinary lighting but will fool anyone in the dark.


Metallic – Metallic thread consists of iridescent and flat threads that are wrapped with metallic fiber. Different brands of threads and constructions create different finishes. Whether the thread is merely just sparkly or completely metallic, this is due to how the fiber is wrapped. Metallic thread adds a fun and exciting twist to a design that will surely pop when sewed.


Fire Retardant – Fire retardant thread are fire and flame resistant and primarily used by first responders. These threads are made from a class of aramid fibers which can withstand very high tensile stress while exposed to a temperature of up to 400 degree Celsius.


Solar Reactive – Solar reactive threads are just as they seem, threads that react to the sun. Solar reactive threads react by changing color in direct sunlight. Just like glow in the dark thread, the thread appears white in ordinary lighting. Solar reactive thread are great to accent certain parts of a design for a truly unique design.


Variegated – Variegated threads are unique by changing color value or hue every few inches. Sewing with this thread creates a design with stripes or blocks of different colors. This thread adds a funky effect to a design and will certainly spice up a logo.


These threads are a fun way to add creativity and uniqueness to a design. Whether they are used for function such as fire retardant or fun with the metallic thread, your next logo will surely be one of a kind with specialty thread.

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