Unusual Promotional Products You Will Actually Use

We see them everywhere – promotional pens, promotional stress balls, and promotional water bottles.

These products are effective and staple promotional products, but are they actually being used? Some certainly are and are worth the investment, but sometimes they can end up in junk drawers with the rest of our promotional pens. The number one reason promotion products are kept is due to their usefulness. Here are some promotional products to spice it up to have customers keeping AND using your products.


lottery scratcher

Lottery Scratcher with Bead Chain

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and then spent 10 minutes just trying to find something to scratch if off with? This keychain lottery scratcher will be a handy tool on your keys, in your car, or around the house so you can easily scratch and win! Never search for a penny or paper clip again!

Product Number: 107



USB Wristband Bracelet

usb wristlet

Have you ever needed a USB and lost it in the depths of your workbag or backpack? Or how about when you desperately needed a USB and didn’t have one? This USB wristband bracelet will come in handy when you need one the most!

Product Number: SJUSB0014






Do you know someone who squeezes the toothpaste in the middle only to regret it once the tube is almost gone? Is that person you? The Squ-Eez is a toothpaste mechanism that slides on the end of your toothpaste tube and pushes up the toothpaste to help prevent waste! This household product is a fantastic promotional product as it will be seen every morning and night.

Product Number: 3730





Poncho Ball Key Chain

Never get caught in the rain without an umbrella with this keychain poncho! Whether you clip this onto your everyday bag, golf bag, gym bag or just keep it in your car, you will never have to work about getting stuck in the rain unprepared again.

Product Number: 7741





Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books are no longer just for kids. Adult coloring books are a great way to pass time or wind down for the night. Imprinted with your logo, they will be greatly appreciated as a stress free activity for both children AND adults!

Product Number: UCB1





promotional socks

Full Color Dye Sublimated Socks

Promotional socks, say what? Socks are a product we use on the daily and make for a great product to promote your brand on! These fully sublimated socks can be completely covered with your brand to have current and potential customers be stylin’ AND cozy!

Product Number: FCS100





Shopping Cart Token

Forget looking for a quarter at the grocery store with the quarter sized shopping cart token keychain! As thick as a quarter and the same size, you’ll never have to worry about having change when you go shopping again. Imprinted with your logo, it will always be carried around!

Product Number: XDX-PA25





usb business cardUSB Business Card

Kill two birds with one stone with this USB business card. Featuring a fold out USB drive, this can be used as a marketing strategy or just to give clients a helping hand! No matter what you use it for, this USB will surely be appreciated.

Product Number: UBC007




For any questions regarding the previous promotional products or to receive a quote, contact us!


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