Top 5 Promotional Products for Spring

spring promotional product

Spring is right around the corner and after a long dull winter, we’re ready! Spring is a great time to promote your company when business starts to pick up again and many of us are getting out and about. We’ve put together our top 5 spring promotional products to make your company blossom this season!

Custom Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrella



With sunshine comes rain, and depending on where you live, lots of it. Umbrellas are a great way to get your company exposure because customers still need to run errands, get to work and stay on their agenda despite the rain! With so many colors and patterns offered, the branding options are unlimited. If you want to really make a statement, we even offer fully sublimated umbrella options!




Folding Chairs

promotional folding chair



Spring doesn’t only mean sunshine, but sports and events! Folding chairs make a great promotional product for not only spring but summer and fall. With multiple areas to imprint your logo such as the front, back and on the bag, your logo will always be seen. Folding chairs make make great promotional products and also great gifts for staff and employees!





Allergy Friendly



Do you know someone dreading spring due to pesky allergies? Spring makes a great opportunity to show you care AND promote your company! With multiple allergy friendly options such as chapstick, tissues, hand sanitizer and there are options for everyone!





Fruit Infusers

fruit infuser



Sunshine and rain means fresh fruit and veggies! Infuse your water and promote your brand with water bottles that can add refreshing flavor with fruit and herbs. With more consumers becoming health conscience and ready to get healthy and active in spring, this is the perfect promotional product.





Safety Kits




With warm weather and more people outside comes more injuries. Safety kits allow your customers to be at ease when they’re playing rough or going on any adventure. They’ll also be thankful to you when they need to use it! With many options available, the branding options are limitless.




Contact us to get spring started on the right foot with one of these promotional products!

Written by Ashley Wright.

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