Meet Our Graphic Artist, Brad

How long have you been working for MarkIt? What is your title?

It will be 6 years in May. I am a graphic artist.


How did you get started in graphic design/screen printing? 

I have an BFA in printmaking, so I started as a printer, and slowly worked my way through the shop until Jesse needed help with the graphic side. I have always enjoyed designing and collecting T shirts, and actually started this job in hopes of learning the process better to print my own designs. I have literally hundreds of T shirts at home, my wife even made a quilt out of some of the “retired” shirts that had so many holes you could barely consider them shirts anymore.


Do you have any creative outlets outside of work? If so, what are they and how do you get inspired?

I do. As I said I like designing shirts, but I also do some minor freelance design work, and the occasional drawing or painting. As far as inspiration goes, I love funny and cute things, especially if there’s maybe an ironic subtext. Usually if I can find a project that makes me giggle, it will keep my interest long enough to actually finish it.


What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on recently?

As far as at work, I really enjoy making the MarkIt “family photo” shirts, and the little cartoon of Brad B I made makes me laugh. Outside of work, I’m actually working with the creators of my favorite podcast doing some design and text layout for a program, so I am beyond excited about that.


What would we catch you doing on a typical Saturday?

My typical Saturday I spend with my wife AnnaLee and my baby Finley, and our 4 rescued senior boston terriers. If we don’t have plans, it usually means we are on the couch binge watching something on Netflix while she’s knitting and I’m either playing games on my phone or designing something on my computer.


What tv show are you currently watching or the last movie you’ve watched?

Right now I’m watching Futureman season 2. Its pretty hilarious.


What actor would play you in a movie of your life?

If I could choose, I would like to say Chris Pratt back when he was a bit more doughy, before he was an action star. But if we are being more realistic probably someone a bit more awkward and reserved like Aden Young.


What’s something surprising that some people may not know about you?

I have a BS in Sociology. And I’m probably older than you think I am.

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