Are you looking for your next promotional product hit? We got you covered.

Are you looking for your next promotional product hit? One that your customers will truly love and use? Here are our new promotional products that will have your customers oogling! If you needed another reason to order promotional products for your company, here they are!

  • 83% of consumers said they are more likely to do business with a company after receiving a branded gift compared to 6% online, 12% print, and 17% of broadcast and mobile
  • 79% of recipients said they looked up a brand after receiving a gift
  • 80% recall the company’s message


Cipher Wood Frame and Plastic Message Board

Now that’s a message we can get behind. Have you scrolled Instagram or gone over to a friend’s house and seen these boards with quirky quotes on them? Message boards are all the rage because the quote and sayings are limitless! Customize this message board further so that your logo is always seen whether it’s on social media, the workplace or in someones home!





Willow 16oz Wide Mouth Mason Jar and Felt Sleeve

Have you seen these before? If not, don’t worry, we are definitely not pulling the wool over your eyes! Anything wool and leather is being absolutely adored. Whether these are used curled up around the fireplace, bonfire or sipping tea at night, these felt mason jar sleeves will be loved with your logo on them.







Neoprene Lip Balm Sleeve Pocket with SPF 15 Lip Balm

Are you that person that has a car, work, purse, bedroom, and bathroom chapstick? If you know, you KNOW.  This felt chapstick sleeve takes away the hassle of having to find your chapstick where ever you are and instead brings the chapstick with you! Attach it to your keys or whatever you carry with you daily to never have to search for chapstick again. Chapstick is a great promotional  product because not only is it used in the winter but all year round!






17″ Dye Sublimated Tube Socks with Full Color Hang Tag

Crazy socks are all the rage and one way to make your outfit a little more spunky. These socks are fully sublimated, meaning that your design can cover the entire sock making for endless possibilities! These promotional socks also make for a great gift for employees.




campfire mug


15oz Campfire Mug


Speckled mugs are what coffee dreams are made of. With so many options and colors to choose from, you will surely find a campfire mug your customers will LOVE! Whether you’re curled up around a campfire or pouring your morning coffee, you cannot go wrong branding these mugs!





To get a quote or to learn more about any of the products mentioned, contact us!

Written by Ashley Wright.

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